Community driven funding for blockchain ecosystem development
We're building platforms to enable community driven and sustainable Blockchain ecosystem development.

Creators deserve to get paid, and we can make that happen

Funding your blockchain ecosystem leads to a larger community, which in turn leads to more creators, and more funding.

Our goal is to facilitate this virtuous cycle with platforms that are low-friction, tailored to crypto, and have an emphasis on user experience

Cycle between funding, contributors, and community
Josh Cincinnati, Executive Director of Zcash Foundation
ZF Grants is a huge step forward for fundraising in the Zcash ecosystem, and we're absolutely thrilled with's work and support!
Josh Cincinnati, Executive Director of the Zcash Foundation

Looking for something custom?

Let the team help your foundation or community get money to the right people. We can build flexible, bespoke versions of our platform for you and your users.

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